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Camoflauge Pet ID Tag
Apricot Official

Camoflauge Pet ID Tag

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We have collaborated with Hoobynoo to bring you the cutest Pet ID tags to match your Apricot Accessories!

*Please note Pet ID tags will be shipped separately by Hoobynoo*

It is a legal requirement in the UK for your dog to wear a Pet tag that has your name and address on - so may as well make it trendy!

Lightweight and double-sided, with this pet tag your dog will be the talk of the park. The front features one of our Apricot design, you can then choose to add your dog's name or ''I'm Chipped''.

On the back, there is not a character restriction, you can have your phone number, address or any other personalisation you prefer. Hoobynoo adjust the size of the text to fit but would suggest a phone number, first line of the address and postcode is the best fit.

The Dog tags arrive in a brown presentation envelope, so would also make a lovely gift.

Hoobynoo use an industry standard process and high-quality inks to transfer the designs onto the specially coated 1.1mm thick aluminium dog tag, which makes the design permanent and waterproof.

The Small tag is 2.5cm, Medium 3.2cm, and the larger tag is 3.8cm. They measure 1.1mm thick

We recommend the small tag for smaller breeds of dog such as Dachshunds, Schnauzers, Terriers and the larger size for bigger dogs such as Labradors, Boxers, Border Collies.

Please note as Apricot Official is not manufacturing these products they are not eligible for any promotions/discounts.

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